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OMNI is the sole International Air Transport Association (IATA) Authorized Training Center in the country, and offers programs specifically for Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training, Airline Services Training, and Aircraft Maintenance Training by the best flight, ground and simulator instructors in the country.

List of Authorized Aircraft for Training
Aircraft TypeRegistration Mark or Serial Number
Cessna 172
  • RP-C3600
  • RP-C8841
  • RP-C8842
  • RP-C8843
Cessna 152
  • RP-C1049
  • RP-C1051
  • RP-C8832
  • RP-C8835
  • RP-C8836
  • RP-C8837
  • RP-C8840
  • RP-C8845
  • RP-C8846
  • RP-C8847
  • RP-C8862
  • RP-C8863
  • RP-C3602
  • RP-C3603
  • RP-C5700
Piper Seneca (PA-34-200)
  • RP-C8834

As mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Pilot aspirants in general are required to take a Pure Tone Audiometry Exam to gauge hearing sensitivity. After passing the exam, contact our Customer Support Lines or visit our facilities and enroll to be part of the Program that has launched the careers of numerous aviation and airline professionals.