Training SIAEP’s instructors with OMNI’s T3 program

The SIAEP team, with their panelists and OMNI instructor Ms Lisa Cruz, takes a final group photo to sum up their 5-day training.

Under OMNI’s Train the Trainer (T3’s) program, SIA Engineering Philippines partners with OMNI Aviation in the instruction of the former’s 15 employees from July 18-20, 22, and 25 onsite at OMNI’s Room 100.

OMNI instructor Ms Lisa Cruz evaluates the participants in their final presentation.

This is the second batch to undergo the T3s program of OMNI. With their instructor Ms Lisa Cruz, the participants trained with 6 modules, which are as follows:

Module 1 – Welcome and Introduction
Module 2 – How we learn:
  • Four Stages of Learning
  • Principles of adult learning
Module 3 – How we learn:
  • MBTI Type Descriptions
SIAEP participants focus on their written exam at OMNI Room 100.
Module 4 – Designing a Course
  • ADDIE Overview
    • What is ADDIE?
  • ADDIE Analysis
    • Step 1. Needs Assessment
    • Step 2. Learner Analysis
  • Context Analysis
    • Instructional Analysis
    • Instructional Objectives
    • Developing good objectives
  • ADDIE Design
    • Instructional Strategy
    • Content Sequencing & Clustering
    • Content Presentation
    • Learner Involvement
    • Learner Assessment
    • Introduction
    • Design Validation
    • Materials Development
    • Materials Review
  • ADDIE Implementation
    • Introduction
    • Deployment
    • Delivery
    • Maintenance
    • Formative Evaluation
    • Summative Evaluation
  • Kirkpatrick’s “Four Levels of Summative Evaluation”
All 15 SIAEP participants with Ms Lisa Cruz (third from the left) pose beside OMNI’s aircraft.
Module 5 – Planning and Preparation
Module 6 – Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Course Daily Journal
  • Lesson Plan Template
  • Training Checklist
  • Instructor Skills Checklist

The 4-day workshop was summed up with a day of the participants delivering an Actual Presentation in individually assigned topics.

A panel was formed to evaluate each of the participants in their final presentation.

Each participant was given 10 minutes to present on their assigned topic.

The panel applauded the amount of knowledge the participants exhibited after their program. The program stayed true to its title of training SIAEP’s trainers so as to pass on these learnings exponentially to more of their stakeholders.

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