OMNI Boosted and Protected

The global Pandemic revealed how important health and wellness are to society and individuals. As the world transitions to the "New Normal," people are becoming more aware and informed of the necessary health and safety measures in their respective households and workplaces. One of which is the significance of vaccines and booster shots. Being fully vaccinated and boosted is essential both for one's personal protection as well as upholding the duty to protect others.

Clark Development Corporation’s (CDC) initiative to have as many of its locators boosted has ensured that booster shots are available and easily accessible. OMNI Aviation, with its motto of "Safety First", is a leading example by encouraging and assisting its employees and trainees to get double-boosted. OMNI has successfully urged and even provided logistics to its employees and trainees for the second booster shot, assuring that the necessary support is provided. As a result, the majority of OMNI’s population is fully vaccinated and has received the second booster.


As an advocate of safe operations, booster shots will help protect all of OMNI’s employees, trainees, clients, and visitors. This is definitely a positive move towards a safer work environment, as people are striving to get back to the normal course of things. With safety precautions in place, getting back on track is only a matter of time.

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