From Sea to Sky: How a Seafarer pursued his Dream of Flying

OMNI Aviation welcomes aspiring pilots from diverse academic and career backgrounds. One of them is 26-year-old Raymond “Monde” Lagrada.

Monde is currently training under the Flight Instructor Course of OMNI. Prior to this, he was a seafarer. A graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, Monde joined as the 3rd Assistant Engineer onboard a ship. Being an engineer and a pilot were his dream career paths, he revealed. However, his family’s financial constraints led him to set flying aside and pursue marine engineering instead.


Nevertheless, he did not let go of his childhood dream of being a pilot. During the pandemic, he took a bold step towards this dream and pursued his flight training. Transitioning from a seafarer to a pilot in training is a significant shift that comes with challenges. But his passion for flying fueled his drive to push through his flight training.


His search for the top flight schools in the Philippines led him to OMNI Aviation, where he commends the high quality of training it provides. Add to that the career opportunities that OMNI extends to its pilot trainees.

Monde's advice to anyone considering switching careers or wanting to become a pilot is to never be afraid to try if it’s truly your dream. You will find it worthwhile in the long run. He also reminds aspiring pilots to study hard and find solid motivation to persevere in the aviation industry.


He is now working much harder to fulfill his ultimate goal of becoming an airline pilot.

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