A Dad’s Promise Fulfilled: Raphael’s First Solo Flight

Exciting, memorable, and a promise fulfilled—these words could probably sum up Raphael Jose Angeles’ first solo flight last May 7, 2024. The 23-year-old pilot trainee is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Management program.


Growing up, Raphael always dreamed of being a pilot. His pursuit of this childhood dream led him to OMNI Aviation through trusted referrals. Encouraged and deeply supported by his late dad, he decided to start his flight training.

He commends OMNI’s pilot training program, especially his flight instructor, Capt. Jaimes Pagulayan. When Raphael encountered difficulties during his training, Capt. Jaimes paid close attention to him, ensuring that he would conquer these hurdles. Raphael also appreciates OMNI’s sense of community among its student pilots, where they share advice and tips, learning from one another.

This first solo flight holds special significance for Raphael. Fondly recalling his late father, Raphael shared that his dad promised to support him and be present on his first solo flight.

He was instructed to orbit around Angeles City, where he caught a glimpse of his father's resting place. For Raphael, it felt like his dad was there, watching him brave the skies solo for the first time. At that moment, he realized that his father had indeed fulfilled his promise, and he must have been proud of him. When times get tough, his dad’s familiar and ever assuring voice echoes in his head: “You can do it, anak!”

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Raphael knows that his dad will forever be proud of him and continues to cheer him on. Now, as he moves toward his ultimate goal of becoming an airline pilot, he remains confident, believing that he has a guardian angel watching over him.

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