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Packers vs Chiefs Rogers continuation of God record?

Green Bay Packers home sits orchid Fort Stadium, against the Kansas City Chiefs. Two rounds now record, the Green Bay Packers 2-0, Chiefs 1 win and 1 loss. This is the second time the two teams this season, boarded the night race each stage, the two teams last played against have to return to the 2011 season, Chiefs 19 to 14 victory over Green Bay, but it was still the chief's quarterback Kyle - Orton .

Chiefs wide receiver has no touchdowns in 18 games, and averaged 200 yards passing in the league 29, quarterback Alex Smith 58 pass 38 in two games, three touchdowns two steals, the performance of law-abiding. Two games the team scored six touchdowns, two touchdowns by a tight end Travis Kelce took over, the star running back Jamaal Charles rushing touchdowns twice, once touchdowns, as well as the defense group one steals back offensive touchdowns. Offseason move by the Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to two games 9 times the ball 109 yards, performance is acceptable, I do not know whether there is the opportunity to get touchdowns on Monday night game, ending this embarrassing record.

Although the chiefs poor performance in passing yardage, but the ace running back Charles's performance continued stable and efficient, playing Battle Broncos rushed the ball 21 times 125 yards, and once the ball 34 yards rushing touchdowns, and according to the news, 2013 NBA Draft will comeback champion Eric Fisher, Fisher since the knee injury two weeks ago only three offensive play, coach Andy Reid will make Fisher as the starting right tackle, replaced two weeks before the performance is not Especially good is doing a good job on pass protection Jah Reid, in which Fisher has not been tried before the right position, has been serving as the left tackle, when Donald Stephenson will attend the left tackle, the the league four tackles pff rates up to tackle seventh.

The other hand, Green Bay defensive group, although anti-run league 31 per game allowed opponents rushed the ball 154 yards, but on a week night game is very successful locked the beast Seahawks Marshawn Lynch, which defensive spikes on season due to tendon injury absence of veteran BJRaji contributed, Packers coach Rush game for the game's performance is full of praise: "I think this may be his since the Green Bay Packers as the best player of the game one. "Although this season after only two weeks, but Rush's performance seems to return to the profession early career ferocious state, and the Green Bay game, Lynch rushed the ball 15 times, 11 times and not at the line of scrimmage to the line of scrimmage rushed the ball reached the highest speed, the other four are in line three yards after the kick-off to reach the highest speed, in other words, that is to other defensive front Rush and the Packers let Lynch was no way to run. State fiery Packers defensive front and regain strength Chiefs offensive front in the end who can do better, let us wait and see.