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What is the global demand?

Asia-PacificBOEING and AIRBUS, the world’s biggest names in the airline industry, forecast airline growth in Asia Pacific to be 5.7% for the next twenty years. This means that our growing industry will need 226,000 pilots to sustain such development, a whopping 41% of the global requirement. Locally and internationally, travel has been more and more accessible through the years, creating a widespread demand – A NEW NEED – for sufficient and efficient air travel provisions for the following aviation sectors:AIRLINES will need pilots, flight attendants, aircraft engineers and technicians, and ground staff.

AIRPORTS will hire passenger ground service , maintenance personnel and catering staff.

The TRAVEL and TOURISM industry will require ticketing staff, travel guides and tour specialists.

How do you address the global demand?

The only way you can get hired in the international market is if you work hard to deserve the demand.
Right now, get the right people to train you hard and work with them to hone your “smart skills” to fit your chosen career path.

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How do you keep the global demand?

This basically means “How do you stay relevant and needed?”. Industry players all over the world look for determined, highly professional individuals – trained by reputable companies – who do what they are trained to do and go the extra mile to get the job done well. This is how you stay connected. Without these traits, you cannot establish a relationship with your company. Without a relationship, there are no ties that bind you with them. “No ties” means you lose your significance. They do not need you anymore because you do not meet their standards and demands. To go global, you have to THINK global, ACT global and BE global.

Your career is challenged by millions of hopefuls from all corners of the globe, all trying to get the job you want.

Get the edge you need to remain relevant.

OMNI Airline Training Academy helps you BE in-demand and STAY in-demand around the world.