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OMNI Aviation Corporation- Clarkfield Pampanga (For All Inquiries)

If you have questions or need additional information, please call:  (+63) (045) 499-6664,  (+63) (045) 599-5524 or use our Contact Form below!

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OMNI Aviation Airline Training Academy:

Pilot Training School Inquiries
Mobile: +639177132259 / +639475986420
E-mail: customersupport_pts@omniaviation.com
Cabin Crew Training School Inquiries
Mobile: +639177132235 / +639475986207
E-mail: customersupport_ccts@omniaviation.com
Airline Services Training School Inquiries
Mobile: +639177132248 / +639475986206
E-mail: customersupport_asts@omniaviation.com
Maintenance Training Center
E-mail: mtsinquiry@omniaviation.com
Mobile: +639177132235 / +639475986207
International Air Transport Association (IATA) Courses Inquiries
E-mail: iatatraining@omniaviation.com
Mobile:(+6345) 599-5524,(+6345) 499-6664

For Other Concerns:

Chartered Flights Inquiries
E-mail: info@omniaviation.com
Mobile:(+6345) 599-5524,(+6345) 499-6664
E-mail: careers@omniaviation.com
Mobile:(+6345) 599-5524,(+6345) 499-6664
For Feedback
E-mail: feedback@omniaviation.com
Mobile: (+6345) 599-5524, (+6345) 499-6664​
Procurement Department
E-mail: psr@omniaviation.com
Mobile: +639266603302
Leasing (Hangar and Dormitory) Inquiries
E-mail: soc@omniaviation.com
Mobile:(+6345) 599-5524,(+6345) 499-6664
Office of the President
E-mail: stevenvirata@omniaviation.com