It takes a lot of courage to become a pilot. It takes a lot of time and passion to walk down the path less travelled. But being a pilot has similarities with being a triathlete.

This is why OMNI Aviation, an airline training academy in Clark Freeport Zone, set up a team of triathletes to compete in the upcoming Ironman triathlon to be held in [please insert place here] on [please insert date here].

Professional triathletes need to be great in all three sports – swimming, cycling, and running. Professional pilots have to be great at a lot of things. Let’s find out what pilots and triathletes have in common.

What It Takes To Be a Pilot

Becoming a pilot entails extensive and rigorous training. Some train in military flying schools, while others pay for a private flight school. Flight schools provide pilot programs to train students without flying experience and teach them until they are eligible, certified, and hired to fly.

If you’ve set your heart out on becoming a pilot, you need bravery. A pilot does more than just flying an aircraft. A pilot safeguards the lives of people while transporting them from one place to another.

So what does it take for one to be a pilot? An individual needs to learn the fundamentals of flight, including take-off, level flight, turns, and landing. This requires comprehension and determination combined.

A flying school student also needs to earn a new rating or certificate by completing a number of hours of flight training while passing knowledge and practical tests called check rides.

In pilot trainings, you are required to pass the eye test with 20-20 vision, the hearing test, and the medical exam with a normal blood pressure and no heart complications. Your medical certificates should meet the standards for balance, hearing, vision, and physical and mental health.

What It Takes To Be a Triathlete

Triathletes, on the other hand, need to dispel their fears. Learn how to manage your fear. There’s nothing to be afraid of so sign up. Your goal serves as your motivator. You want have to spend too much: you just have to swim, have your gear, and spend time for training.

A training plan serves as your best friend. It tells you when to work out and when to rest. Stick to it – it’s the best way to prepare for a victorious race day. Here’s where you can practice transitioning from one sport to another. The smoother the transitions, the better.

Value your nutrition. It’s important to experiment with foods that work best for you. You prepare your stomach for stress and nerves on the race day itself.

Believe in yourself. You trained, you worked hard for it, and believe that you will earn it. Once you reach that finish line during the race, you know your hard work paid off.

What It Takes To Be Both

It may not seem as obvious because you won’t see any line repeated from the first two subheads. But to point out the similarities between a pilot and a triathlete, both fields need an individual who is:

• Keen on details
• Values precision and accuracy
• Always prepared
• Composed at all times and at costs

Truly, Pilots and triathletes share the same heart, an IRON HEART